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“Wonderful things happen when people feel felt, when they sense that their minds are held within another’s mind.” 

~ Dr. Daniel Siegel

Gloria Kohl, MS, LPC 

Psychotherapist for Adults and Couples
Boulder, Colorado

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Your visit here likely means you are interested in developing a better understanding of yourself and your relationships.  And with that, you simply want to feel better.  

My goal as a Boulder Therapist is to guide you toward more fulfillment and happiness. While we can't change the past, we can work together to change the present and future.  

A relational approach to therapy

The relationship we create in the therapeutic environment, along with the therapeutic tools I employ, will support your courageous exploration of thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  We'll work together to transform self defeating patterns into ones that will serve you far better.  Although these changes take time, you will always feel safe and cared for in the process.  Read more...

Learn more about my different client therapies below:


"My husband and I both want to thank you.  We got past our anger, for the most part anyway.   With your guidance, we're talking to each other like we used to when we first got together.  It's amazing.  We really have hope again."  L.D.

Individual Counseling

One of the greatest benefits of therapy is that it can change the nature and pattern of how we attach to the significant others in our lives.  How we attach in turn has an immediate impact on feelings of anxiety and depression.  I use three of the most widely used cognitive behavioral therapies along with the supportive client-therapist relationship.  

Psychotherapy for Adults and Couples

2975 Valmont, #300 • Boulder, CO 80303


Individual Counseling • Couples Counseling • Marriage Counseling

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Anxiety Therapy • Aging Counseling

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