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Counseling Approach

A relational approach to therapy

Our relationships give us the joys and sorrows and everything in between that we take with us through our lives.  Relationships can nurture us or deplete us, fill us with gratitude or make us feel empty with longing.  Sometimes we get stuck in feelings like anxiety, depression, or anger and those all affect our relationships. 


The relationship we create in the therapeutic environment, along with the therapeutic tools I employ, will support your courageous exploration of thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  We'll work together to transform self defeating patterns into ones that will serve you far better.  Although these changes take time, you will always feel safe and cared for in the process. 

A little more detail

While everyone has their own challenges, the reparative work of therapy is a highly interactive process.  The connection I develop with you, and that you develop with me, will be crucial.  Our work together will open doors and explore rooms you have not felt safe entering before.  Once you've developed feelings of safety and trust with me, we will explore those spaces and you will integrate disconnected or locked away parts of yourself. 


Unwanted feelings, behaviors and beliefs will be replaced by the person you wanted to be all along.  A newer you will emerge.  When you arrive at this new place, you will feel it and you will be able to continue your life's journey on your own.  It will have been my privilege and purpose to have guided you there.  

Learn more about the different client therapy options I offer below:

One of the greatest benefits of therapy is that it can change the nature and pattern of how we attach to the significant others in our lives.  How we attach in turn has an immediate impact on feelings of anxiety and depression.  I use three of the most widely used cognitive behavioral therapies in my work along with the development of the client-therapist relationship. 

Working with Gloria helped me to gain so much insight into how I relate to myself, my children and my husband.  She has a true understanding of the intricacies of human relationships, and provided such thoughtful guidance and wisdom.  In every session she always had a way of simplifying whatever I was struggling with so that circumstances that felt overwhelming became manageable.  And I always left her office with new clarity about feelings that before felt messy and undefined.” ~ MM
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