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Aging Counseling

“Gloria has been a wonderful help to my well being and a guide in moving me from darkness to light. Truly, she has helped me with my family relations and I feel better about my own self worth.” ~  Female, 40s.

Counseling for Aging Well

Most of us want to live long lives, but how many are really equipped to deal well with the challenges of advancing age? By the time we reach our 60s or 70’s, we’ve gone through many life changes and learned a lot along the way.  But nothing can quite prepare us for reaching the stage where we are regularly viewed as someone other than the person we view ourselves to be. 


It can sometimes seem that we have few attractive choices – do we resist and pretend to be who we no longer are?  Or do we succumb and adopt the cultural perception of ourselves as “old”?  Or is there a better way?


I believe the fundamental question is how to gracefully manage this transition into aging, yet hold onto our vitality and innate, biological ability to keep on growing as human beings.  And it is this question that I guide my clients through in aging counseling.

The truth is that our later years can be a time of explosive growth where we are able to open the door to exploring and creating new meaning in our lives and our relationships.  But as with any personal journey, this one too will require the desire for change, the courage to enact it, and the support to make it through.  My job is to provide that support along with the knowledgeable guidance we all need, regardless of age, when we undertake personal growth.    

“When I was in a career quandary, I reached out to Gloria and I'm so glad I did.  She very quickly helped me align my goals and my skills, helped me set my sights realistically and cleared up much uncertainty.  I'm now a true believer in career and life coaching.”
~  Marsha K.
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