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Online Mindfulness Groups

A pragmatic and mindful approach to anxious times

Most everything we read and hear today has the ability to create anxiety even in those of us who were not anxious before COVID-19 arrived.   What we don't often read and hear about are  ways to effectively manage this anxiety.  Fortunately, there really are straightforward tools available to help  develop a sense of internal ease and they are tools that you can learn. 

The Tools

The tools exist in our minds right now.  We can learn to be calm even as we feel anxiety arising in our minds and bodies.  We achieve this level of calmness by developing clarity, focus and equanimity.  In this group, we will practice these specific skills to enable more mindful responses as we move through these anxious and difficult times. 

Online Groups for Mindfulness Development

Groups meet online via Zoom's Secure Video, Wednesdays from 5-6 and Fridays from 12-1, Mountain Time.  You can attend either.  The cost is $20 per group.  The format of the group is a short mindfulness lecture, followed by a series of specific mindfulness meditations and group discussions of the meditation experiences.  In this way, members will be able to experience the benefits of meditation and also process their experiences with others.

Contact Gloria if your are interested.

One of the greatest benefits of therapy is that it can change the nature and pattern of how we attach to the significant others in our lives.  How we attach in turn has an immediate impact on feelings of anxiety and depression.  I use three of the most widely used cognitive behavioral therapies in my work along with the development of the client-therapist relationship. 

Working with Gloria helped me to gain so much insight into how I relate to myself, my children and my husband.  She has a true understanding of the intricacies of human relationships, and provided such thoughtful guidance and wisdom.  In every session she always had a way of simplifying whatever I was struggling with so that circumstances that felt overwhelming became manageable.  And I always left her office with new clarity about feelings that before felt messy and undefined.” ~ MM
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